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Our Factory

FOUMAN CHIMIE GOSTAR’s factory is located in the vicinity of Bandar-Abbas refinery that receive the feed directly from refinery through pipeline which has the best quality feed in the country. This factory is capable of producing around 165000 barrels bitumen monthly which include almost all the penetration grade bitumen used in the construction of pavements according to international standard such as ASTM, AASHTO, EN and also Indian Standard, IS which classify bitumen based on their viscosity.

International product standards cover a large variety of road materials for different applications, to accommodate local traffic loads and climate conditions. These standards therefore also covers a large range of bitumens to facilitate the production and application of the designed paving. The variety of production techniques and applications makes it more practical to split bitumens into different grades from penetration of 20 to 220 dmm for hard paving grades. 

Our Drum-Manufacturing Plant

In addition to supply products in bulk, FOUMAN CHIMIE GOSTAR owns a drum manufacturing plant with the full capacity for its entire products to meet the customer’s demand to receive our bitumen in high quality corrugated cold rolled steel drums which are in conformity to EN DIN standards with standard dimension and weight to ensure the products reach their target destinations flawlessly without leakage or spillage.

Our Terminal

FOUMAN CHIMIE GOSTAR always provides customers with the most efficient and economical freight & logistics solutions. With an export terminal located at the most strategic trade location and straightforward access to a vast border line of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we are able to assist our customer in bulk shipment of bitumen to markets where bulk shipment is available. 
Our terminal is located in Shahid-Rajaee Export Dock in Bandar-Abbas with the capacity of loading 42000 tons of bitumen per month.

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